How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home in Katy, TX?

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ReadyKleen Power Washing service is a leading name in pressure washing in Katy, TX. Our technicians serve residents and business owners in the area, and the first question from many of them is how often they should pressure wash their homes or commercial properties.

Below, our five-star customer service team discusses some of the factors that may influence how often you need professional cleaning services from an experienced power washer in Texas.

When to Hire Pressure Washing Services

How often should you pressure clean a home or office building, and what factors will change the time interval between pressure washing services? Whether you are soft-washing roof surfaces to prepare for the winter or scheduling a general spring-cleaning session, several factors could change your approach.

How Long Has It Been Since the Last Cleaning?

Pressure cleaning is a highly cost-effective method to keep a property clean season by season. Some of the benefits include:

  • Quick removal of mildew, mold, debris, and pollutants
  • Overnight transformations for home or commercial building exteriors
  • Better year-round protection for paint, sidewalk asphalt, roof shingles, and more

The ReadyKleen Power Washing team agrees with the home maintenance experts on this point: pressure washing every six to twelve months is all your property needs to keep it looking its best.

When to Consider Pressure Washing More Than Twice A Year

Two cleaning sessions per year are usually enough for regular maintenance in a residential property. However, our technicians also recommend pressure washing a home in the following circumstances:

  • After adverse weather
  • Before repainting or remodeling
  • Listing the property for sale

We explore these three categories below, including how each could benefit from pressure washing in Katy, TX.

Pressure Wash After Adverse Weather

Inclement weather quickly fills the roof, gutters, and sidings with debris, dirt, and grime. High winds cause even more severe damage, and ice and snow lead to leakage and other problems. We also serve many customers who did not realize the extent of the storm damage within their Texas home until noticing mold growth, mildew, or dry rot around the property.

If the area has experienced a storm, it is best to call our pressure washing professionals for a thorough clean-out so that you can spot these types of issues early.

Pressure Wash Before Repainting

According to Livspace, most exterior paint jobs last five to seven years. However, power washing the exterior can lengthen this timeframe. It is almost equivalent to sanding the surfaces to provide a clean slate for primers and new paint to form stronger bonds.

Pressure Wash Before Listing A Home

Are you thinking about listing your home for sale in Katy, TX? Pressure washing is a quick and affordable way to have the place looking fresh and well-maintained for potential buyers. Curb appeal also wins more views from those looking at your property via online pages, which could improve your prospective offers.

Reliable Pressure Washing Experts in Katy, TX

Professional pressure washing services are an excellent way to keep a property looking its best. Affordable services like ours mean that you can take advantage of our services whenever you need them, whether that is twice a year maintenance or special sessions after bad weather, before repainting, or in time for listing a sale.

Call ReadyKleen Power Washing at 210-742-9883 today for fast and cost-effective pressure washing in Katy, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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